Born: Oct. 19,1853 ~ Ohio
Died: Sept. 16, 1886 ~ Barberton, Ohio

Cause of Death: Childbirth
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Eugene & Alice Cady

Alice was the wife of Eugene Cady. They had a son, Clarence who lived only two years and died in 1883. Alice died in childbirth at age 33 and is buried with the newborn baby. Eugene was not a rich man. With the birth of their 6th child, Clarence, the doctor told them that another birth would probably kill Alice. Alice's mother, Mary, was told this and became very protective of her daughter and very cold and hard toward Eugene. Five years later, Alice gave birth and died as did the baby. Eugene had her buried with the infant at the Norton Cemetery in Ohio as close as he could to her parent's plot without actually using the Hoffman plot itself. Alice had said that she did not want to be buried in the Cady plot at Barberton's Lakewood Cemetery. Buying the Norton grave emptied Eugene's purse and he did not have the financial means to have a gravestone placed. He figured on doing it later. Alice's mother, Mary, beat him to it and had a large stone placed at the grave. She also had inscribed at it's base, in large letters, that it was erected by her. When Eugene found out about this final slap in the face from his former mother-in-law, he was so intensely angered that he had Alice's casket dug up and moved to Barberton and placed in the Cady plot at Lakewood. Eugene left the stone bought by Mary at Norton to mark the empty grave there. He bought Alice a smaller stone at Lakewood.

Do you believe that Eugene Cady did the right thing in moving Alice's remains?